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Defence Health

Access Exclusive Benefits Through VSP Vision Care Optometrists*

 Choose a VSP Vision Care optometrist for great value, personalised care, and quality products. You’ll find no gap choices and a large selection of fashionable eyewear, including many international brands.

Defence Health members get preferred benefits and discounts through VSP Vision Care optometrists.

Every day member benefits:

  • One complete pair of no gap glasses. Includes single vision or multifocal lenses, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protective coating; or
  • Buy one designer pair (outside of the no gap collection) and get one pair free from the $149 range. Includes single vision lenses, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protective coating

Additional benefits for Defence members:

  • 15% off contact lenses purchased in-store
  • 20% off any additional lens extras

* Subject to your Defence Health policy, waiting periods, and having the appropriate level of cover.


Defence Health Providers