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Welcome to the VSP Vision Care Network!



This page contains all the files and documents you need in order to get started with VSP. Don’t forget that your staff speak to patients also, so make sure this information is readily available to all of your practice staff.




Decal Selection!


A you are now a preferred provider for 16 health funds, make sure that everyone knows! Click the link below to order your decal now! We will also have a VSP Poster , 2 A4 Counter-Cards and A4 Decal sent out to your Practice shortly.



Click Here to Select Your Decal



VSP Post


Make sure your patients know you are now a VSP Preferred Provider. Use the post below to get the message across to all of your Facebook customers.




Download Facebook Post Here




Health Fund Information


Please see some important files below on our partner health funds including the referral offers to their patients as well as some of their rebate schedules.


1. Health Fund Referral Offers


Marketing Activities


It’s essential you make the most of being a VSP Member by plugging in our health fund approved marketing campaigns. We can also help fund your marketing activities through the My VSP Marketing Programs, all you have to do is maintain your minimum spend. See some information on this below.


1. VSP Promotional Calendar

2. My VSP Marketing Flyer

3. What $1800 A Month Looks Like





Don’t miss out on what the Network has been doing throughout 2015. Please find the links below for this years monthly VSP News mail outs.





Contact Information

Again welcome to the VSP Network and welcome to Australia’s largest optical health fund referral network.

Should you ever have any questions, comments or queries around the network please don’t hesitate to contact your GenOp Account Manager, or email ┬áThe VSP Network Coordinator Matt Walter on mwalter@genop.com.au.